With ample of natural sunlight, MMH can serve either as a life-affirming cabin/retreat or a great solution for providing extra living space for your family and guests. Furthermore, the sheer wow factor will make an incredible home-based business venue such as retail unit or holiday rental accommodation with great appeal!

Mobility of MMH gives you the possibility of installing it on the various type of plots, and MMH doesn't require building permit. Contact us about FREE help and advice about installing MMH on your plot!


The minimalist design makes the simple MMH to suit a wide variety of locations, from urban zones, Mediterranean climate to mountainous surroundings.

Minimalist approach with modular design
Warm and cosy. Light and airy.
Advanced thermal solutions with modular glazing
Flexibly designed interior layout – minimal built-in furniture allowing use of freestanding furniture.
Solid craftsmanship built to last using low maintenance, sustainable materials.
Long lasting metal zinc construction.
Highly insulated and sealed by standards.
Capable of having on-grid, off-grid or hybrid services.



MMH Prefab modular home is manufactured in modules off-site and assembled on site. It needs to be placed on a foundation. Great thing about modular home is that it can qualify for a conventional mortgage from lenders such as modular home plans.

MMH Modular home is built on a concrete foundation to protect against ground moisture, ensuring that the structure lasts a long time.

MMH Mobile modular homes do not qualify for a mortgage but are classed such that does not require foundations or incur property tax. By using less space and materials mobile prefab homes conserve natural resources while leaving the smallest ecological footprint comparing to conventional construction at the site.
MMH Mobile is built on a chassis with wheels which is craned into place and just like with MMH Prefab, the aim is to deliver it fully finished and ready to move into like 'plug and play' services.


MMH is a flexible project which satisfies demands of even the most discerning clients. It can be used for various purposes, from permanent residence to holiday home.

Innovative assembly system enables energy efficiency of the object.
MMH can be totally autonomous with the solar off-grid system on the roof, installation of the rainwater collector system and biological waste storage.

Concept of modularity enables vast number of combinations with controlled number of elements, by which each client gets individuality and a unique product.

The proportions are the result of a thorough study by our architects' team so that the different spaces are recognizable and the feeling indoors is one of fullness.


MMH homes are built according to energy & ecology conscious standards.

Ventilation throughout MMH habitats is executed with the use of breathable materials and ventilated spaces.

It blends in with the environment thanks to its large openings, bringing the outdoors inside.

MMH doesn’t affect the environment and ecosystem.

The construction utilizes many innovative ideas and all materials are carefully chosen from sustainable sources. It is designed for longevity and ease of maintenance. In addition, construction is designed for optimal material usage and minimal waste.


MMH is designed by acclaimed Croatian architect, product, and interior designer Marko Murtic, who is renowned for his creative solutions and the ability to apply the same purity and imagination to architecture as to product design.

As an award winning yachtsman and sailor, he even applied his skills to yacht design creating a carbon sailboat Murtic M52 RS for which he received the prestigious RED DOT AWARD IN 2012.Mountain View

Marko is especially known for his innovative solutions when it comes to the interior design of hotels and luxury objects. His design concierge approach which makes the client the centre of the creative journey is best visible in Croatian flagship hotels Lone and Monte Mulini in Rovinj, Novi Resort in Novi Vinodolski, boutique hotel Kukuriku in Kastav, D-resort, Small luxury hotel of the world in Sibenik, or a plethora of luxury houses and apartments across the region.

MMH team is delivering professional project management and design services for your first MMH home or MMH summer house you can afford, whether you are installing it in urban or rural areas.



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